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The Client's insights and judgments must play a key role in the design process.
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Genesis 3 Design Group Gold Membership

posted by H2O Elements    |   March 24, 2013 23:28

Fred Baker is a gold member of Genesis 3 Design Group. Genesis 3 provides training programs in design, engineering, construction, and business — all taught by masters in the field of watershape design. Gold membership indicates successful completion of a course of study and an ongoing commitment to continuing education.

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Welcome to H2O Elements!

posted by H2O Elements    |   March 24, 2013 23:20

We're excited to have a place on the web to showcase our work, to look at design trends in the industry, and to explore developments in pool technology.

Fred Baker is H2O Elements' designer and is involved in every aspect of the company. Fred has extensive experience with both resort projects and pools in residential homes. His cooperative approach to working with developers, architects, and engineers has earned him a reputation for professionalism that forms the basis of H2O Elements' success. In future blog posts we will take look at Fred's designs and how they responded to project challenges while reflecting his unique design philosophy.

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