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Latest Update: Mar 24, 2013

Fred Baker is a gold member of Genesis 3 Design Group. Genesis 3 provides training programs in design, engineering, construction, and business — all taught by masters in the field of watershape design. Gold membership indicates successful completion of a course of study and an ongoing commitment to continuing...    Read More...

Welcome to H2O Elements
H2O Elements

H20 Elements Ltd. specialized experience in the aquatic design assists home owners, developers and architects to ensure that aesthetic desires are met. We strive to incorporate function and beauty into each design while keeping aware of cost effectiveness. We are determined to be the most innovative and reliable aquatic design firm in the industry. As an integrated whole, H20 Elements Ltd. is an aquatic design, renovation and construction firm servicing Alberta and Saskatchewan with operations in Calgary.

Whether we're developing a pool complex for a large resort, building a private luxury pool or redeveloping aquatic features, we're happy to partner with the architects, developers and contractors our clients have in place to get the job done. Part of our expertise, after all, is working well with others.
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